Delivery updates via SMS

18 June 2019 - please note that these demos have been disabled until we have completed a migration to new servers - please try again in 24 hours. Thank you.

Send a delivery update by text/SMS message to: 07903 567 345 or, if you are in the USA, you can send the SMS to: (415) 429 7483

Start the message with "dd" followed by a space, a delivery reference, another space, a status code and (optionally) another space and some notes.

Text can be upper or lower case. The delivery reference must not include spaces.

Example messages

  • dd DN123 1
  • DD D/456 3 Signed by P. Smith
Delivery Tracking Log - Last Updated on Get Updates
Date Time Reference Status POD Notes

Valid Status Codes

  • 0 = Awaiting Despatch
  • 1 = In Transit
  • 2 = Delivered (No POD)
  • 3 = Delivered (With POD)


This page uses AJAX to poll the server every 60 seconds, retrieve the latest data and update the display. If you can’t wait that long, then you can click the 'Get Updates' button at any time.

Other Applications

Although this particular demo is for a delivery tracking application, the use of SMS to update a database and then incorporate the information into a web based application can be applied to many scenarios.