Delivery updates via SMS & Websocket

18 June 2019 - please note that these demos have been disabled until we have completed a migration to new servers - please try again in 24 hours. Thank you.

Send a delivery update by text/SMS message to: 07903 567 345 or, if you are in the USA, you can send the SMS to: (415) 429 7483

Start the message with "dd" followed by a space, a delivery reference, another space, a status code and (optionally) another space and some notes.

Text can be upper or lower case. The delivery reference must not include spaces.

Example messages

  • dd DN123 1
  • DD D/456 3 Signed by P. Smith
Delivery Tracking Log - Last Updated on
Date Time Reference Status POD Notes

Valid Status Codes

  • 0 = Awaiting Despatch
  • 1 = In Transit
  • 2 = Delivered (No POD)
  • 3 = Delivered (With POD)


Updates to this page are made via a high speed websocket connection immediately that the SMS is received, which is typically a few seconds after it has been sent.

Other Applications

Although this particular demo is for a delivery tracking application, the use of SMS to update a database and then incorporate the information into a web based application can be applied to many scenarios.