How the Web Works

Course Description

This short course starts with an overview of HTTP and how requests and responses are processed in order to return content back to a web browser.

It moves on to take a more in-depth look at how a web server such as Apache handles incoming requests and the flow of interaction between the web-server, server-side scripting languages, databases and remote data sources in order to generate a response back to the client.

The course also looks at options for configuring the web server and related technologies, creating virtual hosts for development, staging and production environments and concepts such as caching and optimisation.


This course is ideal for anyone who is looking to start developing dynamic websites and also for existing developers that wish to gain a better understanding of HTTP and web server configuration.


At the end of this course attendees will:

  • Have a good understanding of HTTP
  • Be familiar with the basics of DNS
  • Be able to configure development environments
  • Be familiar with basic URL rewriting

Pre Requisites

No special knowledge is required for this course, although a basic understanding HTML and IT would be useful.

Key Topics

  • HTTP Requests and Responses, HTTP Methods
  • DNS Servers, DNS Cache, Hosts file
  • Apache Overview & Configuration
  • Virtual host Configuration
  • Options for applying Apache directives
  • Introduction to URL rewriting
  • Configuring a local development environment

Resources & Materials

  • Tuition by an expert instructor
  • Access to a live server for practice
  • Full documentation in PDF format
  • Exercises and solutions
  • Example files
  • Recordings of sessions (online only)
  • Access to dedicated training forums

Course Schedules

Course schedule Duration Sessions Session times Format Price Credits
TBA2.5 hrs1 x 2.5hrsTBAOnline£1251

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