HTML & CSS Essentials

Course Description

This course covers the key concepts that apply to the core technologies that are used to define the structure, layout and functionality of web pages.

Starting with HTML we look at the key elements that should be present in every web page, how different document types affect the browser's rendering of a page and the basic rules in terms of creating and formatting markup.

Once the fundamentals of HTML have been covered we move on to discuss the separation of content and design, and the role of CSS in controlling layout and styling.


This course is invaluable for anyone starting out in web development or for existing developers who wish to get a better understanding of these key technologies.


In this course attendees will gain a solid understanding of HTML and CSS.

At the end of this course attendees will:

  • Be familiar with key HTML elements and document types
  • Understand the rules and options that apply to HTML markup
  • Be able to incorporate CSS and Javascript into HTML markup and understand how different techniques affect the rendering of a page
  • Learn how to apply a range of CSS rules in order to minimise markup

Pre Requisites

No special knowledge is required for this course.

Key Topics

  • Introduction to HTML as a markup language/li>
  • HTML elements and attributes
  • Correct structure of an HTML document
  • Separating content from presentaion
  • Introduction to CSS & how the cascade works
  • Options for including CSS into a page
  • Effective use of CSS selectors & declarations

Resources & Materials

  • Tuition by an expert instructor
  • Access to a live server for practice
  • Full documentation in PDF format
  • Exercises and solutions
  • Example files
  • Recordings of sessions (online only)
  • Access to dedicated training forums

Course Schedules

Course schedule Duration Sessions Session times Format Price Credits
TBA5 hrs2 x 2.5hrsTBAOnline£2252

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