PHP Essentials

Course Description

PHP is the world's most popular web scripting language. This short course introduces the essential concepts that every new or existing developer should be familiar with and gets you started creating PHP based websites the right way!


Anyone that wants to start out with PHP development will benefit from this course as it covers the eesential topics that every PHP developer should be familiar with, but which many aren't.


At the end of this course attendees will:

  • Understand PHP's role in dynamic website development
  • Be familiar with how PHP interacts with other server-side technologies
  • Understand the relationship between PHP and HTML
  • Be able to use PHP to generate output and content
  • Be aware of the different types of PHP tags and the implications of using them
  • Be able to create a simple web page using PHP, HTML and CSS

Pre Requisites

To get the most out of the course, attendees should be somewhat familiar with HTML and CSS. Prior exposure to any of these concepts will be helpful, but not required:

  • JavaScript

Key Topics

  • Introduction to PHP
  • How scripting languages work
  • How PHP works with web servers
  • The processes involved in PHP script execution
  • Creating a PHP script
  • Use of different tag types
  • Using PHP to generate output
  • Introduction to PHP variables and functions
  • Creating your first PHP script
  • Introduction to PHP configuration

Resources & Materials

  • Tuition by an expert instructor
  • Full documentation in PDF format
  • Exercises and solutions
  • Example files
  • Recordings of sessions (online only)
  • Access to dedicated training forums

Course Schedules

Course schedule Duration Sessions Session times Format Price Credits
TBA2.5 hrs1 x 2.5hrsTBAOnline£1251

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